Reciproka: Mutual credit market and wallet based on Scuttlebutt

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Reciproka: Mutual Credit MVP: SBB powered Mutual Credit Wallet/Market

This is alpha software and documentation in early stages

Reciproka (Esperanto for mutual) is a mutual credit market and wallet. This is the source code

This could be the user story:

Of course these are general details and there is a lot to explore referred to the governance, bootstrapping, deployment and development of such future user stories. For example, I think that credit reputation should be private, but can be queried by any two parts in a transaction if they agree on that. Is this approach right? Should this have transaction feed to cover the platform development? How The Council gets its members?
In the bliki post referred above I talk briefly about how I plan to explore and decontruct present implementations of sbb, but these are broad strokes.

I think there are a lot of synergies ideas from Scuttleverse inhabitants, like the research inquiries from @bobhaugen,
@elavoie, @dilgreen and many others.

Upcoming Work

After exploring @andrestaltz's Manyverse, Patchwork and Patchbay, I think I'll go next with @Christian Bundy's Oasis to experiment more about sbb with a web browser UI.

Ideally I would like to program the Mutual Market/Pub, its bots and mobile experiences in Pharo and PharoJS over the sbb server/protocol, because live coding in Pharo is unbeatable, is the language/environment that I feel more creative/eloquent/agile and because the biological metaphors of Pharo/Smalltalk over sbb can create something similar to what is being explored in Holochain, but with live coding! :-). And as I said, the Global South is a particularly well suited place to explore alternative futures by exploring alternative infrastructures, in dialogue to what is happening in the Global North, but without trying to be a copy of their history and more in a construction between equals.

Scuttlebutt seems like a #SlowCyber home for a lot of shared dreams/concerns and critical but hopeful approaches to the present and the future.