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title: 'Grafoscopio: A moldable tool for literate computing and reproducible research' tags: - literate computing - reproducible research - data visualization - agile visualization - data activism - pocket infrastructures - moldable tools - civil tech authors: - name: Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas orcid: 0000-0002-4640-6984 affiliation: 1 affiliation: 2 affiliation: 3 affiliations: - name: HackBo: a hackerspace in Bogotá index: 1 - name: mutabiT index: 2 - name: University of Caldas index: 3 date: 29 March 2017 bibliography: paper.bib

# Summary

Grafoscopio [@luna_cardenas_metaforas_2014] is a moldable [@girba_scg:_2014] tool to make reproducible research and literate computing [@perez_project_2015], developed on Pharo [@ducasse_pharo_2017] live coding and computing integrated environment, which allow authors to intertwine prose, code, data and agile visualizations [@bergel_agile_2016] into storytelling, and readers and coauthors can verify, collaborate on and extend the document claims and artifacts. Grafoscopio is and integrates simple and self-cointained "pocket infractures", that can
be execute On/Off-line, from a USB thumb drive, a rasperry-Pi alike computer, a modest server or any hardware in between and beyond and tries to blur binary constructs like author / lector, developer / user, document / data, binary aplication / source code, and has an associated permanent workshop+hackathon, called the Data Week, where diverse participants learn, extend and modify Grafoscopio, while dealing with civic issues that can be understood and expressed better using the techniques provided by literate computing and reproducible research.

Grafoscopio environment and a final generated pdf, side by side.
^Up | Grafoscopio environment and the final pdf, side by side.

# References