reproducible research & publishing ⊕ interactive documentation ⊕ flexible & agile data visualization

Write, structure & unify

Different types of documents all them in a single site. Group, give hierarchy and visualize what you want and create different views of the same informaion.

Compute & visualize

Connect several & heterogeneous data sources and integrate them through powerfull and flexible custom visualizations.

Collaborate & publish

Templates and the historical control change, will ease the individual and collective work. Also publish in PDF and HTML and share the last version with your audience.

Explore & modify

Use the powerful and interactive integrated development environment to see how the tool is made and to adapt it to different needs.
Grafoscopio is a moldable tool for interactive documentation and data visualization, that is being used in citizen, garage & open science, reproducible research, (h)ac(k)tivism, open & community innovation, domain specific visualization and data journalism, and has a lot of other potential uses. Grafoscopio is covered by a Free Libre Open Source Software license (MIT) and it has an associated hackathon/workshop, called the Data Week, oriented to citizen concerns, which are related and mediated by data and visualization. There we learn, adapt and feedback this tool.
Grafoscopio is and integrates simple and self-cointained "pocket infractures", that can be execute On/Off-line, from a USB thumb drive, a rasperry-Pi alike computer, a modest server or any hardware in between and beyond.


Grafoscopio runs on Pharo Smalltalk, for Windows, Gnu/Linux & Mac Platforms.

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Workshops & Documentation

Our main hands on face to face learning space is our week long (36 hours) workshop/hackathon. Look for more details in the Data Week homepage.

The documentation for Grafoscopio is being written in itself. It will be an example of interactive documentation and its pdf exportation capabilities.

Press and publications:

Publicaciones mentioning Grafoscópio:


Grafoscopio would not be possible without the help of many individuals in different communities and institutions. Here is a list of some of these places and individuals:

  • mutabiT.
  • HackBo, a hackerspace in Bogotá, en particular las personas asistentes a los talleres de Indie Web Science, especialmente: Rafael Medida, Iván Pulido, Camilo Hurtado & Fernando Castro Toro.
  • The Pharo, Moose and Agile Visualization communities. Specially: Tudor Girba, Alexandre Bergel, Nicolai Hess, Peter Uhnák, Miltón Mamani & Johan Fabry.
  • El HiTec Lab de la Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores, en especial: Jose David Cuartas.

Some individuals have helped a lot with their support and listen, without a particular link to a community or institution. Thanks to: Andrés Calderón, Hilda Cárdenas, Divian Luna and Yanneth Gil.


We have two main methods for contact: