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The Dataviz package

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^ Up | Screenshots of the visualizations contained in the Dataviz package. From left to right: Twitter dataselfies, medical information and Panama Papers. Click on each image for more details.

Dataviz, is a companion package for Grafoscopio that puts together several examples of Domain Specific Visualizations and Domain Specific Languages (DSV, DSL, respectively) developed with the Roassal agile visualization engine. Included prototypes approach several themes like: Panama Papers as reproducible Research, Twitter Data Selfies and published medicine information access and are presented using blog post and/or internal interactive documentation, via Grafoscopio notebooks. The classes in the package and their documentation show several levels of maturity from pretty mature (Panama Papers) to early coder practices (Infomed) and on going developments (Twitter Data Selfies) and are offered as examples and excersises to learners in our recurrent Data Week workshop+hackathon, for code testing and refactoring.

It is suposed that you have familiarity with Grafoscopio and that you are in the same audience, as stated in its manual:

Grafoscopio and its companion package, Dataviz, are intended to be used by learners and researchers in several fields: academia, journalism, activism, hacktivism and for anyone interested in open reproducible research and data storytelling backed by data and agile visualizations. This document assumes that you are such person.

Here are some other quick entry points for Dataviz: