Once freed of the tyranny of the Twitter timeline, how we would look to ourselves? How a custom made data visualization could raise awareness on our echo chambers and the ones in our public institutions and in our elected officials? In this data clinic, the participants will be able to export/scrap and visualize in original ways, their own public Twitter data (or the one of public institutions and elected officials) to answer such questions and they also will raise and share new ones and tentative answers.

A Data Selfie is a "picture" taken from Twitter public data exported by yourself. This picture allows you to see interaction and discourse patterns in this social network. No private information is exported from Twitter and so, is neither showed in the Data Selfie.

A prototype in progress... This is just a starting invitation, we will have some glitches, we will solve them, and if you want, you can be part of a nascent community.

It will take only minutues, following the these steps.
Source Code